what a month!

I’m a bit sheepish coming back to this blog after such a long absence.  I’m trying my best not to make excuses but let me just say that, well, life happened.  A major work deadline plus some wonderful personal surprises demanded time and attention.  Though I’m happy to say that I have  been on the mat every day for the last 30 days (woohoo!), I admit that yoga itself has gotten abbreviated.  I fit it in with small snatches of time – a few sun salutations here, a headstand or handstand there, and, when I’m feeling lucky, a class at the studio.

Honestly it’s been hard getting on the mat for reasons other than time.  I feel tired and uncreative.  And though I wish to be stronger or more limber for my “month of arm balances” or more present for meditations on ahimsa, I just haven’t had it in me these past couple of weeks.  This revelation of mine is fairly recent.  In fact, I think it came out as I typed an email to a dear friend who was suffering from yoga-overload.  I know that inspiration for, love of, and commitment to yoga is cyclical.  I know that it’s tied to other portions of my life and that a general sense of mental or emotional fatigue will affect my practice.  And I also know that a significant element of this year, or of yoga in general, is just my commitment to show up.  Show up and see what happens.  Something will happen either within or outside of me that will spark up my imagination and refuel my desire to lean into my practice.

Hopefully it happens soon.  I looked at my calendar for next week and was delightfully surprised to see that I’ll be teaching 6 classes!  Three of those are subs, one at a gym at which I have permanent classes starting up next week, and the other two at a local studio at which I’m hoping to start teaching.  Thinking about it I get excited about these different opportunities.  The challenge resides in working with very different students and different visions.  I’ll have to be deliberate about my constructed classes like a tailor is particular about cutting and sewing along the curves of an individual so that my classes are just right.

You know, the thought of that makes me grin.  What fun!


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