greeting the day

the morning started well – a brief cup of coffee after rousing myself from bed (thank you, pooches, for the sprints around the bed; you’re better than an alarm) and i was off to “shadow” a class i’m teaching next week.  yoga after waking is always humbling for me.  i feel the stiffness in my muscles and their stubborn refusal to relax and my mind is in no way calmer just because it’s fresh from sleep.  it’s good, this practice of waking and playing.  it’s good, this way of opening up the day.

yet, two hours later, frustration is sitting heavy on my chest.  it’s unrelated to yoga; it’s just me kicking myself for past decisions that appeared beneficial then but ornery presently.  but i’ll be patient and trust in this process.  what will be, will be.  the only question is, how will i greet it?


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