Thanks, Cyndi.

Writing this post, I kinda feel like I’m cheating.  In the land of “should have’s” the more pressing obligation is writing in that chapter I’m trying to craft, the first one in a set.  Yet here I am, procrastinating per usual but with the words of Cyndi Lee ringing through my ears.

In an article for Kripalu she writes, “[S]tillness cannot exist without movement. Movement cannot exist without stillness. Stillness is the birth of movement, and when movement dies it gives life to stillness. This is how all things work…We practice paying close attention to transitional movements as the path to finding the still point within activity.”  Ah.  Now, Cyndi, why couldn’t you have told me this on Tuesday, before my conversation with another yogi on whether and why vinyasa facilitates yoga practice?  Yes, I appreciate the opportunity to fumble in my way, to try to offer another perspective that redeemed rocky transitions, movement in stillness, and all of those things that put bodies and people potentially in ‘harm’s way’ if done without precision or awareness.  But this?  Why this thought is exactly why I loved your training and why I honestly can’t wait to grow and develop more both as a practitioner and a teacher!

I know that this nugget of information will continue to pulse about my brain for a while.  I’ve got classes to teach, another conversation to have, and preparation for both in my near future.  And thanks, Cyndi.  Namaste.


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