To explore, or not to explore? Consumerism is today’s siren.

Today’s class is canceled but that’s ok.  I’m going to use this afternoon to put tomorrow’s flow into my body and think about how I want to structure this week’s classes.  It might also be a good test of the will: Can I resist driving up to Lululemon now that I’ve got the urge for a new pair of pants/top?

I actually started the morning with yoga clothing on the brain.  After deciding to dine at a new breakfast spot (which just might be my new favorite joint outside of Berkeley), I popped into Lucy to check out their sale.  I walked out empty-handed despite the many pairs of pants and extended conversations with the sales consultant.  Their tops were slightly too big and their pants didn’t make me jump up and down, which is my best test for purchases.  But the visit was enough to plant that seed of curiosity…just what might I find at a certain competitor?  That small question is enough to spark visions of dancing sugar plums, festooned in fantastic yoga gear, in my head.  The most likely outcome is that I’ll come to similar conclusions as I did this morning.  Yet the more magical vision, that one feeding my impulse for an afternoon exploration now that teaching is out, is that I’ll find that perfect pair of pants or top at a jaw-dropping price.

In a clichéd revision of Shakespeare’s prose, I ask, “To explore or not to explore?”  Let’s just see what this afternoon holds for me.


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