day #49

I love my local yoga studio.  Granted it isn’t imbued with the depth of familiarity and memory that BPY is, but it is a warm and open-hearted place for yoga and community.  Today I’m feeling especially inspired by the instructors, an inspiration tinged slightly bittersweet as I realize just how much I miss my OM teachers.

But I wander from my original point: inspiration.  More specifically, inspiration for increased creativity.  I realized this morning, somewhere between plank and cobra, just how much I rely on the template I’ve been taught.  I know that I revert to it because I know how good it feels in my body and because it’s a comforting place to reside.  I know it, I don’t have to think through it, and it saves my energy and attention for other things.  But how much of this habituated teaching is good?  Is it limiting creativity in my classes?  Is it limiting inspiration for my students?  Is it an effective body-warmer and body-opener like I want each and every time or should I start playing with it more according to the specific class?  My teacher cautioned us to stay within the templates unless the departure was deliberate, necessary, and good.  Meeting that criteria certainly requires more attention on my part and, like much of this art called teaching, I’m sure that patience with time and trust in myself will play large roles in cultivating inspired teaching and creative planning.

Ah, numerous thoughts swarm in my head around teaching, playing, and being present both as a practitioner and a teacher.  I’m thinking about knees, about different clients’ needs that require different sorts of classes, about yoga in general.  But it’s still a good day and I’m still sitting here, inspired by and loving my morning practice.


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