Last night Cosmic Dog Yoga dedicated an evening to “The Business of Yoga.”  It was terrific, and a good reminder of just how blessed life is in this community of generosity, love, and leadership.

Yogi business thrives, apparently, through self-promotion.  Self-promotion: two words, tethered together by that neat hyphen, that nearly paralyze me.  Is it modesty or does my introverted side start to rattle?  Either way, self-promotion is not my strength and it’s the one thing to which I’d like to dedicate as little time or energy as possible.  Yet it seemed clear last night that my personable nature, my sequencing, or anything related to charisma and skill are not wholly accountable for success, though they are clearly dominant factors.  Nope, I need a little more.  I need promotion to keep my classes healthy and alive.  Oy.  Can’t I just work on making my personality a little more personable?

The Dog asked two provocative questions: What is my ideal student?  What is the in-class experience I offer to my students?  Wow.  While I can begin to craft an answer to the first, I find the second confounding.  I’ve decided to give much more thought to both questions and I think I’ll prod good friends when I’m back in the Bull City.  Surely honest and insightful friends can offer the perspective that I still lack (or I still fear I lack).  Just how do I show up in the studio, let alone in the world?  I’ve some idea, yet how do I know that it is correct?  But here’s to finding out and here’s to a little movement on the path of self-promotion.


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