Tonight I successfully poached my first egg.  It’s nothing related to yoga, just something that makes me very happy.

I was at an intense class yesterday, the kind of class where the sweat runs off your limbs and the duration for holding a pose makes your muscles scream and your mind begin to doubt your capacity to hold on.  Adding to the intensity was the numerous eyes and hands laying themselves upon my body, urging me to soften, to pull in here or lengthen there, to breathe into this or that space.  It’s been a while since I’ve received that kind of care and scrutiny, especially from a loving place inclined towards healing.  But today I feel most of its effects in my abs.  Simple things like sitting up or changing my position in my chair send a shriek of pain through my core.  I think to myself, “This is why I don’t do ab workouts in my yoga class.”  But I also think that I ought to incorporate them more.  It’s good to do things we dislike or don’t often do, if only every once in a while.

But today I took it easy.  I laid out my class for the morning and decided to try it on my body; it was good for an achy body, focused mostly on the stretch and release found in gentle opening asanas.  My body sighs.


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