Look, Ma, I’m flying!

Once, after class was over and we were rolling up our mats with our post-yogi glows and smiles, the conversation turned to Acroyoga.  “Just what was Acroyoga?” a fellow yogi asked.  Jamie, our instructor, looked at me with a little grin, “Have you ever done Acroyoga?”  “Nope!” I replied, “But I’ve been wanting to try!”  So up I hopped and there I flew.  The above picture was shot that day: my first attempt at Acroyoga play.

Let’s just say that Acroyoga is incredibly addicting.  The base does most of the work in “flying therapeutics,” and when you fly your only responsibility is to trust the base and to completely relax.  From there you’re moved into side stretches, spine stretches, backbends, and inversions.  The feeling of weightlessness and suspension is a bit like floating in water, only you’re hovering above the ground.  You land feeling that great inversion-buzz, limber, and open.  Amazing.

Jamie held an open workshop for Acroyoga this past weekend.  Luckily my hunky hubby agreed to join me!  See his shot…

At the workshop we learned each of the three positions – base, flyer, and spotter.  Being base is trickier than it appears!  Not only must your legs be “determined,” straight from the sacrum, and strong, but your feet must alert to the minor nuances of a flyer’s shifts.  A small dip there, a minor lift there.  Thankfully grass and mud softened any gentle tumbles to the ground.  After three hours, I now feel (mostly) confident that I have some solid skills for playing any of the three roles.  Now it’s just practice, practice, practice.

But the best take-away is my honey’s own enthusiasm for Acroyoga.  We can now play with flying (though I’ll probably won’t serve as his base any time soon).  While I have visions of serving up “holiday tricks” for loved ones, we both look forward to sharing the gymnastics with family members.  This is a kind of joyful yoga that immediately gives back in heartfelt and playful ways.


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