living my yoga, one Saturday at a time

I realized recently that I’m thirsting for a little more tapas in my life.  Not those tasty Spanish small plates, but the yogic tapas of discipline, of heat.  I want to eat a little cleaner and simpler with more greens.  I want to write and think with clarity and precision.  I want to practice when the spirit moves me, even if it is twice or thrice a day.  I want to teach with purpose.

With that latter goal especially in mind, I’m returning to Judith Lasater’s Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life.  She divides her book into three parts: our relationships to ourselves, to loved ones, and to the world at large.  It’s pretty terrific.  Each individual chapter begins with a yoga sutra, incorporates a personal essay, and then provides a practice for the week.  Twenty-one chapters = twenty-one weeks of  “living my yoga” in conversation with my “Cosmic Calm” class each Saturday.  I plan on structuring the class’ reflections around each chapter and sutra, including one of her mantras to focus our breath during class, and critically thinking about which asanas or how a structure of a class reflects that week’s emphasis.

I’m pretty excited.  And you are invited to join me, by dropping in from time to time or getting your own copy of the book to read along with me.  Won’t you be my yoga neighbor?


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