Legs Up the Wall, week 7 of “Restore Yourself…Love, Yoga”


Love, Yoga

If you’ve taken yoga classes then this next posture will probably be familiar. If it’s not, then it’s definitely worth your acquaintance. “Legs Up the Wall” treats so much of what ails us. Feeling achy and tired after a long flight? Legs up the wall. Ankles or feet a little bloated? Legs up the wall. Legs feeling overworked after a hike or standing on them all day? Legs up the wall. Back a little cranky? Legs up the wall… Get the idea? It’s a simple little tonic that usually restores equilibrium in our bodies.

Legs Up the Wall


This one’s simple: no props needed, except for a wall or a tall headboard. (I’ve done this frequently on the bed in hotel rooms.) The trick of it, however, is getting close enough to the wall so that your legs are firmly supported by it. Tight hamstrings might feel aggravated by this position, so be aware of how they’re feeling. A good alternative is to do this on the floor in a doorway: one leg can be supported by the wall/door jamb while the other leg will rest on the ground beside it, possibly with its knee bent.

  1. Get close to the wall. The best way that I’ve found to do this is to bend your knees and sit with your hip and upper armĀ against the wall (or as close to it as possible). Place your hands behind you to support yourself as you start to pivot yourself around and lower yourself down onto your elbows and forearms; your back will come to rest on the floor while your legs will swing up on the wall.
  2. Breathe here.

You might find a space between the wall and your bum if you didn’t sit close enough to the wall in step #1. You can try to inch your way closer to the wall but I’ve found it easier to bring my legs down and try again.



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