Reclined Twist on a Bolster, week 8 of “Restore Yourself…Love, Yoga”

Love, Yoga

Friends, we are officially at the end of this little project. Eight weeks of restorative postures, eight opportunities to release and open your body, mind, and spirit. What a ride.

Perhaps it’s fitting to end the project during the first week of the new year. After all, January marks that time of the year when we turn our perspective forward. Standing on tippy-toes, slightly craning our necks, and gazing through our glasses or binoculars we speculate what the next year will bring, begin laying the foundations for it through resolution-making, and send forth all of our imaginative, creative, and active powers to build up this year’s efforts. I’m still in the imagining and creation stage. I’ve got some secret but large hopes tucked into my heart, and I’m currently trying to figure out just what steps I can take and what crazy leaps I can actively support in order to see my vision come to life. I find that I’m imagining myself as a female Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade. But…dare I believe enough that the steps will appear beneath my feet? That is the real question.

My leap isn’t here just yet. Thank goodness. I’ve got some more time to plan, linger, and gather up my courage. In the meantime, I’ve some serious work to do. Including finish this lovely little series.

If you’re a dreamer like me then you might enjoy this peaceful posture. (I dare say that you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not.) I find that it supports my heart so that I can start to melt the edges of it and the rest of my body a little more. Settle in and dream away.

Reclined Twist on a Bolster


You’ll want a bolster or a very thick blanket folded up to support you.

  1. Sit on the floor and place your hip next to the bolster. Let your legs fold up behind you in a way that feels comfortable.
  2. Flank the bolster with your hands. As you inhale, lengthen through your spine and, as you exhale, gently spin your rips so that your sternum and bellybutton face the bolster.
  3. Keeping length in your spine, start to lower your torso down on the bolster. You might find that you untwist as you lower so, once you’re settled down with most of your weight resting on the bolster, put more pressure into your hands, lift yourself slightly up, lengthen and twist again.
  4. Place your arms comfortably besides you. Turn your nose towards your knees. Start to find your breath. Breathe into your back body, feeling your back, shoulders, and ribs expand as you inhale. With each exhalation soften your back body and settle downwards into your support.
  5. Stay here for as long as feels good. When you’re ready to move onto the other side, press into your hands once more, lift your torso off of the mat, and spin on your bum to bring your opposite hip to the bolster. Repeat steps #1 – #4.

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