A Gentle Sequence, from me to you.



Remember how, at the start of the “Restore Yourself…Love, Yoga” project I told you the postures could be strung together for a sweet, gentle practice? Here it is. The practice emphasizes opening the spine and heart. Consider it when you’re feeling a little tired, introverted, or just craving more release in the back and shoulders. If you are looking for something a little more introspective, then you might start from the hamstring opener and skip the bulk of the heart-openers. So grab your blankets and your bolsters and invite a little more peace into your heart and soul:

Thoracic Opener with a Blanket

Supported Backbend with a Bolster, 1 and 2

Active and Supported Bridge Pose

Restorative Hamstring and Heart Opener


Legs Up the Wall

Reclined Twist on a Bolster




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