“If Winter is teaching a class, I know that I will take it. She truly cares about her students and checks-in about injuries or aches before beginning each session. Even in a large class, Winter makes me feel like she’s tailoring the class just for me. If I say that my hamstrings and calves are tight, she manages to work in some poses that address those areas. Winter encourages her students to respect and listen to the needs of their bodies and offers options and modifications if a pose isn’t working for someone. I took a “gentle yoga” class with her until I was 39 weeks pregnant, and even though it wasn’t a prenatal yoga class, she helped me modify poses so that I could still fully participate. She is a thoughtful teacher who manages to challenge her students while still asking them to be respectful of their bodies. Whenever someone asks me where I take yoga classes, I don’t refer them to a specific studio – I refer them to wherever Winter is teaching.”