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Today. Practice Yoga Nidra.

Download a short yoga nidra practice today.


Sciatica Soothers, Part 2

Chances are if you're reading this post, you're reading it while sitting in a chair. News flash - you can use your chair for yoga. Let's say it again with emphasis, chairs for yoga! Chairs are perfect: ubiquitous and fairly discreet. If you have difficulty getting up and down thanks to your pal, sciatica, then [...]

What is Yoga?

The question was there. Do I continue to plug away at the computer, trying to figure just what steps are necessary for forward movement; do I eat lunch; or do I take this brief moment of silence and stillness in my house for yoga? Grumbling tummies and procrastinating on my work...these can wait. My yoga? [...]

A Gentle Sequence, from me to you.

    Remember how, at the start of the "Restore Yourself...Love, Yoga" project I told you the postures could be strung together for a sweet, gentle practice? Here it is. The practice emphasizes opening the spine and heart. Consider it when you're feeling a little tired, introverted, or just craving more release in the back [...]

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