life on the mat

walking with truth

I glanced at my fingers, outstretched as they were in Warrior Two, and saw how a single band of sunlight could spin them into gold. Inwardly I smiled, then started to retrieve my mind. I was home - I was on my mat, and I felt peace. I felt empowered. I felt gently strong (or … Continue reading walking with truth

we are all thieves…

I'm a sucker for Simone Weil. So when I cast about the internet in search of something that might help me talk about the third yama and found this gem, I couldn't resist. I admit that it might seem like attention and generosity have nothing to do with non-stealing, or asteya. But I promise that … Continue reading we are all thieves…

Curious George Goes to Yoga: Satya and the Art of Cleaning Glasses

I think about my three-year old daughter when I think about satya, or truthfulness. It's an old joke that children have few, if any, filters, and those moments of blunt, clear-spoken clarity are often repeated through the years as part of the family lore. "Remember when little Hilda said...?" Laughter bursts out, usually accompanied by … Continue reading Curious George Goes to Yoga: Satya and the Art of Cleaning Glasses

finding your seat: the magical, wonderful pelvic floor

I had my mind blown at a pelvic floor workshop with Leslie Howard a couple of weekends ago. Now I can't stop thinking about pelvic floors. (So much so that I've decided to train with her to become a pelvic floor yoga therapist, a workshop is in the works, and I'm tailoring next week's practices around it.) It's … Continue reading finding your seat: the magical, wonderful pelvic floor

Prenatal Yoga and Your Body

This past weekend I had the express joy of teaching the pre-natal portion of Dragonfly Yoga and Wellness' Yoga Teacher Training. Besides blowing the minds of a couple of yogis  about postpartum recovery (hint: a lot happens, and it's not always pretty!), I shared an infographic that outlines the major physiological changes that occur trimester-by-trimester in … Continue reading Prenatal Yoga and Your Body


Not certain if you saw this article in the New York Times, but I wanted to share:  New York Times Article, \"Go Easy on Yourself\" It's a great reminder of just how necessary (and hard) practicing ahimsa, or non-violence, towards oneself is. Breathe in a little loving-kindness for yourself today.