your pelvic floor

Every pelvis tells a story. What’s yours?

The pelvic floor is an incredible part of your body: if healthy, it helps you breathe and move while providing stability for your internal organs. It’s also a primary “storehouse” in the body – a locus of our emotional and physical history. Yet it often evades attention until you’ve had an injury, pain, trauma, incontinence, or a major event like childbirth or cancer. Then it’s really present, and probably really irritating, uncomfortable, painful, or even embarrassing. But there is hope. With attention and time balance in your pelvic floor might be restored.

Private yoga sessions that are therapeutically oriented provide an opportunity for guided exploration. We will be co-adventurers as you learn the topography of your pelvis, its specific needs, and how to work and release your pelvic floor muscles in order to encourage a healthy and happy pelvic floor. We will use posture, breath, and yoga as our primary tools. My goal in working with you is simple: I want to help you find ease from your pain and to teach you how to keep your pelvic floor healthy.

If you decide to work with me, your first session will include a detailed conversation about who you are and what your pelvis’ story is. We’ll also spend some time taking an initial look at your pelvis, its muscles, and how you’re breathing. From there we will devise a personal yoga sequence that targets your pelvis’ specific needs that you can practice at home. All of our sessions will be collaborative and we will adapt the flow and focus of our sessions to what  worked previously, what isn’t working, and how your body is shifting. Because these muscles are inside our bodies and small, the work can be incredibly nuanced, even challenging. Listening and experimenting will be key.

But this work can help. A recent UCSF study shows that targeted yoga therapy reduced incidences of incontinence by 70% in their participants over the course of six weeks. Bringing wellness to your pelvic floor can help with incontinence and pelvic pain or discomfort, including prolapse, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, or vaginismus, for instance. I hope that you’ll consider yoga as another route to health.

Ready to work with me one on one? Download my New Client Form and we’ll get started


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