prenatal + postpartum

photo by Dan MerlPregnancy and parenthood mark a powerful transition in your life, especially if you’re having your first child. I know how nerve-racking and exciting this transition is: between the advice books, your healthcare provider, family and friends, random strangers, and your own inclinations, you have an abundance of information to sift through. I thought that the “dictates” about raising a happy, healthy baby would cease after my baby’s birth, but I found that the information and advice only increased. My work with you, either prenatal or postpartum, focuses on helping you hone and listen to your own voice.

I believe in empowering women by affirming their experiences and cultivating their intuition in prenatal yoga, and I aspire to create classes that are caring, supportive, and tailored to my students. The breath awareness, relaxation techniques, and strengthening postures you learn here can be carried into labor, the initial postpartum months, and parenthood in general. Prenatal yoga provides space and time for you to bond with your baby and connect to your own intuition within an affirming community. It can ease the common aches and pains of pregnancy. It can also contribute to an easier labor and quicker healing post-partum. Prenatal yoga is a gentle approach to strengthening and stretching your body. It is appropriate for women who are new to yoga or is a great complement to established yoga practices.

I also enjoy working with women postpartum. Beyond the cultural compulsion to “get your body back” after your baby, there is little guidance on how to engage, restore, or soothe your body, your emotions, and your mind after your baby is born. Our general ignorance around self-care and rehabilitation can lead to greater pain or more weakness, especially in our core and pelvic floor. The “fourth trimester,” that initial period immediately following your baby’s birth, can be a confusing, lonely, and difficult time that can lead to postpartum depression or a loss of self-confidence. Caring for yourself is vital to your health as well as your family’s well-being. Yoga can be especially helpful for centering yourself and re-energizing yourself.

I blend my training in the female pelvic floor with my understanding of postpartum yoga to create private sessions and workshops that address the individual needs of postpartum women. If you want our sessions to serve as a kind of retreat from parenting, then we can focus on your needs separate from your baby. If you’d like to learn how to incorporate your baby into your yoga practice, then we can use our sessions for that purpose. My goal is to collaborate with you so that you get the practice you need and deserve.


Optional Packages

You are welcome to choose from the packages detailed below. While I prefer working with you over the course of several weeks, I am flexible with the number of sessions we have together, their spacing, and their length. Please contact me for more information.

“I Got You, Babe:” We will help you prepare for labor using breathwork, relaxation techniques, and yoga postures that strengthen and relax your body. We will create an in-home yoga space complete with props like a bolster, block, strap, and blanket.

“Mother’s Little Helper:” Postpartum Care for New Mamas: We will launch our time together with an assessment of your pelvic floor and core. Sessions will then be tailored to your specific needs and hopes for your postpartum recovery. Including your adorable baby is optional. We will create an in-home yoga space complete with props like a bolster, block, strap, and blanket. 

“That’s All Right, Mama:” Combines prenatal and postpartum care, ensuring that you’re cared for as you move through pregnancy and into life with baby. Prenatal care will include an initial understanding of your pelvic floor. Postpartum care will include restoring your wellbeing in areas like your core and pelvic floor. Your sessions throughout will include a variety of postures that strengthen your body, relax and restore tight muscles, and soothe your mind. We will create an in-home yoga space complete with props like a bolster, block, strap, and blanket.


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