Today. Practice Yoga Nidra.


Every fourth Friday I guide my cancer class through Yoga Nidra. It started as a tentative experiment…(will they like it?)…and has become a class to which my students look forward. Is it Yoga Nidra Friday? Woohoo! For most it’s a pleasant surprise followed by an, “I’m glad I’m here.”

(I’m glad they are here and that you are here, too.)

This particular transcript* is one written by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and intended for children. I’ve grown fond of it. It’s short, which means that it is accessible and doable. And I’ve thought since July that this kind of nidra is exactly what our culture and society need right now. It’s a nidra focused on love…love for others, love for those for whom we dislike, love all around. And if you didn’t already know this about me, then perhaps it’s time you heard…I’m a big proponent that “all you need is love,” as the old Beatle’s song goes. Love goes a long way in healing wounds. Love goes a long way in fostering positive actions and reactions. Love is tremendously powerful. I think this nidra can be, too.

Follow the link to YouTube… If you’d like a downloadable mp3 version, contact me for the link.

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*It should be noted that I added in a bit of Saraswati’s “short class transcription” in order to help us adults settle a bit more into our bodies and our space. Both nidras can be found in his wonderful book, “Yoga Nidra.”



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