The Honey Pot, week 6 of “Restore Yourself…Love, Yoga”

Love, Yoga

It’s that time of the year where I feel both excited and slightly rundown. I’ve been paring down the asana practice in classes this past week in order to focus on replenishing my students. A little bit of asana and a little bit of Yoga Nidra. (Dare I say, again, just how much I love Yoga Nidra?)

I’m also offering one of my favorite restorative postures this week, what I’ve affectionately dubbed “the Honey Pot.” I learned it from the remarkable Harvey Deutch and turn to it whenever I’m feeling achy in my back, my side waist, or my psoas. Especially my psoas. The Honey Pot not only melts my body but it sweetens my temperament. After all, who can be disgruntled after finding this kind of opening?

The Honey Pot


For this asana, you’ll need a bolster or a blanket folded several times to create a thick bolster. Shoulders tight or feeling cranky? Be gentle with stretching the arms overhead – take it one at a time and notice whether the shoulder would be happier with either padding underneath it or the arms in a different position.

  1. Sit. Bring your bolster alongside your hip; it’s longest edge should be parallel to your hip. Keep your sit bones on the ground as you drape yourself over the bolster.
  2. If it feels ok for your shoulders, bring your arms overhead and wrap the bottom hand around the top hand’s wrist. Rest your head in a way that feels comfortable.
  3. Straighten your top leg and flex your foot strongly. Start to slide your leg behind you until you start to feel an opening emerge in your hip flexors. Keep your foot flexed throughout.
  4. With your bottom hand wrapped around the upper hand’s wrist, draw your arms a little more north. Feel your ribs move away from your pelvis.
  5. Relax your hands, find your breath, and soften your body.
  6. Stay here for as long as you like. I recommend 5 to 10 minutes. Gently move to the other side.

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